Fudanaj/ Podina

Unani Name

Fudanaj/ Podina/ Fotanj, N'anaa                    

Common Name

Peppermint, brandy Mint, mint

Temperament of the Drug

(Hot 2° and Dry 2°)

Scientific Name/ Botanical Name

Mentha piperita Linn. 

Parts used

Leaf, flower and oil

Actions/ Therapeutic Uses

Peppermint (Mentha piperita Linn.) has several dietary uses and health benefits. Leaf of the herb is anti-spasmodic, digestive, antidote, appetizer, anaesthetic, anthelmintic, anti-emetic, expectorant, insect-repellent, local anaesthetic, absorbent, anti-pruritic, resolvent, rubefacient, aromatic, carminative, anti-septic, antibacterial, antioxidant, diaphoretic, sedative, stimulant, analgesic, diuretic, emmenagogue, emollient, enzymes activator, peripheral vasodilator, refrigerant, stomachic and a good uterine tonic. Its oil is mild antiseptic, nervine stimulant, aphrodisiac, increases blood flow to the area and local anaesthetic.

It is useful in Common cold, cough, inflammation of the mouth and throat, sinus infections, and respiratory infections. Peppermint (Mentha piperita Linn.) has been frequently used as an agent that reduces inflammation of the mouth or throat. Sinus inflammations and infections can be remedied by inhalation of the plant essential oil. It is also used for digestive problems including heartburn, nausea, vomiting, morning sickness, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), cramps of the upper gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and bile ducts, upset stomach and diarrhoea.

Other indications are Catarrh, dysmenorrhoea, flatulence, Colic, Infantile Convulsions, ulcerative colitis, loss of appetite and travel sickness. Peppermint (Mentha piperita Linn.) can help with a number of painful digestive problems including gas, bloating and nausea, morning sickness and stomach cramps.

The Indications of leaves of the herb are stomach-ache, hiccup, stomach debility, chronic indigestion, cholera, fever, sinusitis, menstrual irregularity and bronchitis. The Indications of decoction of the leaves of the herb are cough, fever, cholera, jaundice and eczema.

The Indications of the oil of Mentha piperita Linn. are rheumatism, toothache, neuralgia ans arthritic pain. Its oil is also applied to the skin for headache, muscle pain, inflammation of the mouth, joint conditions, itchiness and allergic rashes.

Important Formulations

Safoof-e- Na'na, Sikanjabin Na'na, Arq-e- Ajeeb, Arq-e- Hazim, Arq-e- Pan, Arq-e- Podinah, Qurs-e- Podinah, Ruh-e- Podinah, Ma'joon Foodanaj, Ma'joon Khadar, Ma'joon Nankhwah, Halwa-e- Supari Pak, Jawaarish Anarain, Jawaarish Podinah, Jawaarish Tamr Hindi, Khooban, Lao’oq Mo'tadil, Lubub Kabir, Ma'joon Balaadur, Ma'joon Sangdana Murgh, Zimaad Ushaq


Whole herb 3-5 gms.


















  • PUBLISHED DATE : Aug 24, 2016
  • PUBLISHED BY : Zahid
  • CREATED / VALIDATED BY : Dr. Mahtab Alam Khan
  • LAST UPDATED ON : Aug 24, 2016


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